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0000014Campy[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-04-26 11:27
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Summary0000014: BCL meta lookup for nested types, such as closure objects, can pick up wrong typedef.
DescriptionIn the Pre-scan test, there are a number of class definitions defined internally for the lambda functions/kernels. The code that finds the meta is supposed to go through the nested classes, looking for the type. Unfortunately, the type system discovers a type that has zero fields, and zero size (meaning there are no variables captured). Heap_Alloc of zero is valid and returns a zero-length block. When the closure is copied to the allocated buffer, write overrun occurs. Eventunally, the heap allocation routine crashes with segv because of buffer overrun clobbering the data structures.
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2018-04-26 10:42

administrator   ~0000014

The data type found is correct. The size of the type is zero because it is a computed value. Fixing that, I now notice it's wrong because the size of a pointer should be 8 in the computation.


2018-04-26 11:27

administrator   ~0000015

The size information for basic types is incorrect. See Type_Init() in .../Campy.Runtime/Native/Type.c. tTypeInit has "4" for various pointer types instead of sizeof(void*) in order to make this platform independent. I'll correct for now, but this must be gone through very carefully. I do not understand this code.

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